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Get your 2021 Gusto IRON slug pellets for free



To celebrate the launch of Gusto® IRON – ADAMA’s new 2.94% ferric phosphate molluscicide – we’re giving cereal growers the chance to get their autumn 2021 slug pellets for free*… just buy Gusto® IRON slug pellets this autumn to qualify for a prize draw which will see three lucky winners receive an equivalent quantity for free in 2021 (* terms and conditions apply). 

For your chance to get your 2021 slug pellets for free, complete the form.

Gusto IRON: everything you liked about Gusto in a ferric phosphate formulation

As a ready-to-use 2.94% ferric phosphate pelleted slug bait which can be applied to a range of agricultural and horticultural crops, Gusto® IRON offers several key advantages over other molluscicides including excellent palatability, good durability and consistent control of all key UK slug species:

  • A rainproof formulation: made with DesidroTM technology, Gusto® IRON pellets boast excellent palatability and long-lasting durability 
  • Gusto® IRON’s uniform pellet size and density ensure excellent ballistic characteristics for accurate spreading and baiting point consistency: 45/m2 at 5kg/ha 
  • Gusto® IRON pellets retain their distinctive blue colour for longer – making them easier to detect long after they’ve been applied 
  • Compared to market standards, Gusto® IRON pellets are less susceptible to mould formation in wet conditions 
  • Gusto® IRON performs on a par with the leading metaldehyde and ferric phosphate products to give your cereal crops the best chance of emergence and survival

Click here for full terms and conditions.

If slug pressures are lower in 2021 compared to 2020 and less pellets are required, please follow IPM guidelines and apply when slug thresholds are met.
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