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Spring Cropping: Your Crop Protection Options


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With many winter crops drilled a little earlier in autumn 2020 compared to previous years – in order to avoid the wet conditions which hampered winter drilling last season and prevented large areas of 2019 winter crops from being established – this year’s spring cropping area is expected to be significantly reduced.

Nonetheless, despite this reduced cropping area, spring-sown crops including wheat, barley, oats, linseed, soya and pulses will inevitably still play an important role in many rotations and, as such, will require adequate protection from disease, weeds and pests.

We have therefore updated our Spring Cropping Guide to ensure you have access to the latest advice on how to get the best results from our wide portfolio of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides and how to use these products to ensure your spring-sown crops are able to achieve their full yield potential and quality.


This guide will cover:

  • An introduction to spring cropping
  • ADAMA portfolio in disease and weed management
  • Spring weed targets and weed identification 
  • EAMU information

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